Course Organisation Tweaks

Hi All,

I felt that last week wasn’t a good use of everyone’s time and I want to change things a little going forward to make for a better Study Group going forward. I had a lot of plans that aren’t working as well in real life, so I’ve spoken with some people and changing things going forward.

Firstly, I am setting up a course feedback form - this will run continuously so you can inform me of problems with the way things are as well as the good things, so I can try and change things to make for a better experience for everyone. Form is here: (it’s anonymous, so go for it)

Study Group Sessions

  1. We start at 6pm sharp with the presentations. I expect this to take us to 6:45 pm or so. I’ll keep the presentations on time. The presentations will start with the more difficult questions first.
  2. 6:45 pm - 7:30 pm will be reserved for group work. At this time, we’ll split into our subgroups across the MS Reactor and discuss the week’s works, areas of confusion and the presentations. During this time, I’ll spend a little time with each group to try and answer questions (as well as note questions that show up often).
  3. 7:30 pm - 8 pm - I will present on the bonus questions as well as a few supplemental areas of Bayesian Stats as well as a more general Q&A session.


  1. Groups are required to submit their code and/or slides to me by Tuesday night. I will collate the presentation materials into a github repo: and will post a link on the forums. This is so everyone can follow along during the presentations and run the code for themselves and change it to see how it works! I leave the groups the freedom to present as they see fit, but I’d be excited to see them producing the code as a tutorial that they build on during the presentations.
  2. Presentations will be run off my laptop to keep things moving smoothly and not have the massive transition times. All the more reason to ensure it’s submitted by Tuesday so I can check they’ll work on my computer too!
  3. Aim for no more than 10 minutes per question. I’ll be lenient with the harder questions, but expect more brevity from the easier ones.
  4. Questions will go in reverse order, except when they’re linked, in which case they’ll go in order. For example, week 3’s order will be Q5, Q4, Q1-3. This way the harder questions will have a bit more time, while the more straightforward questions will be hurried along as I get to the end of the time limit
  5. I’ll assign the questions during the groupwork stage instead of posting later in the evening. This should reduce the responsibility of each group leader and the problem of assigning HW to people who aren’t there.