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Welcome to Bayesian Rethinking.

In this course, we’ll be studying Richard McElreath’s fantastic course, Statistical Rethinking, in which we’ll go through the textbook and lectures to build a Bayesian view of the world.
Each week, participants will go through 2 lectures and HW in their own time and we meet every week for presentations, group work and question time

Course Material

  1. Lecture Videos & HW :
  2. Textbook (password:tempest):
  3. Code & Presentation Repo - Clone the repo and pull to get updates. Additionally, make pull requests if you can!


  1. 17th April, Wednesday - No Prep
  2. 24th April, Wednesday
  3. 1st May, Wednesday
  4. 9th May, Thursday
  5. 15th May, Wednesday

Note: This is expected to be part 1 of 3, as the full Rethinking course is 10 weeks long.

Supplementary Materials

  1. Bayesian Data Analysis, Gelman et al - this is a classic of Bayesian Inference and should be a reference to go through at the end of this course.

Additional Lectures

  1. Admin Lecture
  2. Welcome Lecture: Intro to Bayesian Inference
  3. Week 2 Lecture: Priors and Monte Carlo


Homework - everyone should do this and share their answers with others in the group for feedback. You can use McElreath’s HW solutions when checking, but getting feedback from others for your own approaches is super valuable.

Presentations - In addition to the HW, I’ve put up some additional questions that I want groups to present on. Present your results and teach the class how to solve the question and expect questions from other participants and myself. Each HW question will be assigned to a group and 2 people will present from each group.

Bonus - unassigned and optional. If someone wants to answer it, they’ll be given time to present and allow the class to debate the answer. If no one answers and there’s time, I’ll run through it.

Make sure to make your presentations public and share on each HW/Presentation thread for everyone else!

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