Continual Feedback


This is my first time running a course of this size and there have been some growing pains, plans have not worked out as expected so I’m looking to make things better.

Obviously the people most aware of problems are you, the attendees! I’ve put up a feedback from :, so you can let me know what the problems are so I can try and adapt between weeks. Suggestions are very welcome!




Please let me know your thoughts and ideas to improve things. I am aware that this course is not as entry level as I had initially stated

I’m happy to shut up and speak less, or even speak more if need be.
Set up a slack group, or a whatsapp group chat?
Do it all in Python? Watch the lectures on the big screen in class?

Hi Varun,
I wish I was better prepared before the course. Also maybe 1 lecture a week instead of 2? I’ll keep doing the course at my own pace I think.
It was a great idea though :+1: :smiley:
Thank you for sharing and organizing it!

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